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School-Based Therapy

Child doing art with Counselor in School

How school-based therapy works

School-based therapy is when outpatient therapy and counseling services are provided within school walls. Healing Bridges aims to help students overcome behavioral, emotional and social problems that interfere with success and daily living. Our school-based therapists work within primary, secondary and post-secondary facilities to reduce disruptive behaviors and improve mental health related issues. Students can be referred to services by either school personnel and/or parents.

School-based therapy sessions can also continue throughout the summer after the regular school year ends as well. We strongly advise those interested in school-based therapy to continue their journey throughout the summer to increase the likeliness of pushing through boundaries and achieving personal developmental goals.

School locations

The school locations that we serve in Washington County include:

  • Canon-McMillan School District
  • Fort Cherry School District
  • Avella Area School District
  • Chartiers-Houston School District

Why provide services in schools?

Students receiving therapy within school buildings are much more likely to consistently participate in treatment than those who must travel to an appointment or session after school hours. School-based therapists capitalize on students’ existing academic and social networks by observing and treating clients within a familiar and natural environment.

School-based therapy allows parents, guardians and teachers to have a safe place to discuss their issues and learn ways to more effectively solve problems with their children.

How to get started

Please call 724-225-6940 or find us on to inquire about school-based services. You may also complete the school-based referral form located on the website and email the updated version to the outpatient services director.

Items needed for the initial intake meeting:

For more information or questions, contact:

Jaime Lawson, LPC, NCC

Outpatient Services Director
Email Jaime
Our Services Intake Process