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Mission, Vision, Values

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Our Mission

Healing Bridges is committed to promoting stability and healthy lifestyles for individuals and families in and around Washington County.

We aim to improve communities with diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative and developmental practices that motivate positive self-growth journeys.

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Our Vision

Healing Bridges will inspire healthier and happier communities by ending the stigma surrounding behavioral health.

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Our Values

Healing Bridges programs teach the core values of Compassion, Collaboration, Equality, Dignity and Diversity.


We stand by being a loving and kind organization that cares for the individuals and families in the communities in which we serve.


Our supportive staff and network of resources work together to serve as an ally to our clients when tending to behavioral health needs.


People who seek our behavioral health services deserve to feel like they are accepted, included and welcomed into a safe and judgement-free zone.


Our agency has adopted the principle that human lives are worthy of respect and value, and no one person is better than another.


We believe it is crucial to celebrate, cherish and recognize the differences among all individuals and life experiences.