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Help us improve the lives of people with mental health struggles and expand opportunities for individuals with IDD/A

Your donation will not only make a direct impact on the people we serve, but it will also inspire happier, healthier and more inclusive communities in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Thank you for considering a gift to Healing Bridges. Your support of our work enables us to continue and expand our efforts of promoting stability and healthy lifestyles among people with behavioral health concerns and those diagnosed with disabilities or delays. All donations will go toward enhancing our ability to better serve our audiences by helping to sustain our vital programs that connect vulnerable populations to medical, educational, developmental and rehabilitative services.

Healing Bridges is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to guide and connect people to behavioral health services through our counseling, medication management and mobile mental health services.

Please make all checks payable to Healing Bridges and mail to: 378 W. Chestnut St., Suite #205, Washington, PA 15301

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      Support our charitable work with Bridge to Inclusion

      Download the printable pdf below to learn more about our new cumulative giving program.

      Bridge to Inclusion is a new recognition campaign designed to thank and applaud donors who support Healing Bridges with its mission to help people with mental health concerns and intellectual and developmental delays and autism diagnoses overcome challenges, accomplish their goals and be capable of doing anything they set their minds to, even when the odds are stacked against them.

      Contributions to Bridge to Inclusion are cumulative, providing the opportunity for donors to move upward in giving levels and complete their minimum giving tier requirement over two years. Members will be recognized in Healing Bridges’ digital newsletter publications, on the Healing Bridges website and on a plaque at Healing Bridges’ site location in Washington, PA. All recurring donors will receive a custom annual giving award and a digital badge to promote involvement in an important cause.

      We hope to count you as a generous contributor to our esteemed group of compassionate honorees as we kick start this new multi-tiered version of giving to remind those affected by behavioral and developmental health hurdles to never give up on your dreams and being the best version of yourself!

      If you would like to learn more about our programs and how your donation can impact your local community members, please click on the following link here and read what some of our clients have said about our work!

      • “I like that I am encouraged to talk about anything and to try to set attainable goals for myself. It’s honestly really hard for me to think about the future, but it’s been easier to take things day by day and work on myself and my relationship with others.” - Jasper, Healing Bridges therapy client.
      • “I am very happy with my services and time spent at Healing Bridges. My anger and aggression has gotten much better since working through my problems in my regular appointments and in group sessions.” - Scott, Healing Bridges anger management group therapy participant.
      • “Taking meds for my ADHD and anxiety has really made a difference in how much I am able to function in life. I feel less distracted and more productive each time I check back in with my doctor.” - Nathan, Healing Bridges med management client.
      • “I reached my breaking point over the holidays, and Healing Bridges’ staff listened to my problems and took the time to calm me down when I needed it. I was advised to reach out to a crisis hotline if things got real bad again, and I got scheduled to see a new therapist as soon as I could.” - Carrie, Healing Bridges therapy and med management client.

      We now accept online donations!

      Click the button below to go to our online donation page.