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Healing Bridges receives a $105,929.15 grant award from Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust to implement a training and mentorship program that supports individuals with disabilities.

Posted December 08, 2023

WASHINGTON, PA – Healing Bridges is pleased to announce that it was awarded $105,929.15 from the Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust to implement a training and mentorship program that supports intellectual and developmental disabilities and autism (IDD/A) diagnosed individuals in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

The award made by the Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust will provide the Healing Bridges supports coordination team the ability to expand outreach, improve service quality, increase job opportunities and enhance performance satisfaction. Healing Bridges is the largest supports coordination organization in Washington County, serving 458 individuals and 45 children with some form of an IDD/A diagnosis.

“The philanthropy of the Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust grant providers has supported many significant and worthwhile organizations over the last few years, and Healing Bridges is honored to carry that tradition,” said Gary Weinstein, Healing Bridges board president and former Washington Health Systems president. “Their recent allocation to Healing Bridges not only continues their financial efforts to support individuals with disabilities and special care needs, but it also serves as an example to other charitable trusts to bridge the gap of disparities that exist among underserved populations and promote service equity in the region.”

Healing Bridges applied for the Edith L. Trees grant opportunity early October 2023 with the initiatives to add one new IDD/A Training Specialist position, one new IDD/A Supports Coordinator position and two new mentor stipends for a mentorship program. The additional staff positions and stipends were proposed to ultimately expand the organization’s impact on IDD/A individuals in local communities and provide ongoing support for the dedicated supports coordinators who help people with functioning delays become self-sufficient, live everyday lives and find meaningful roles.

“This funding opportunity will uniquely position the Healing Bridges supports coordination program to create longer lasting and more effective relationships with individuals,” said Natalie Ross, Healing Bridges CEO. “We thank the Edith L Trees Charitable Trust for this award, which will significantly improve the orientation process for new supports coordinators so we can execute a better-quality service and simultaneously help more people with IDD/A diagnoses meet their needs and obtain resources.”

The committed project start date for the IDD/A Training and Mentorship program is February 2024. More information about Healing Bridges’ supports coordination services and intake process can be found here.

About Healing Bridges

Healing Bridges is a recovery-oriented nonprofit that guides and connects residents of Washington County and neighboring communities to comprehensive behavioral health services. By providing children, teens and adults with the necessary guidance, tools, skills and resources needed to improve their lives, Healing Bridges acts as the connection to hope and prosperity throughout their continuous developmental journeys.

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