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Washington Communities Human Services rebrands as Healing Bridges

Posted September 01, 2022

Healing Bridges Logo and Tagline

New name. Same mission.

Washington Communities Human Services, a leading behavioral health service provider headquartered in Washington County, today launched the rebrand of its organization to Healing Bridges. The Healing Bridges name, logo, and tagline “Your guide and connection to behavioral health services” were specifically crafted to reinforce the local charity’s role in supporting the well-being of the residents of Southwestern Pennsylvania.

The rebrand also aims to symbolize the connection to hope and prosperity for those who are on a journey to reach their personal developmental aspirations through counseling, medication management, and community travel health programs. Healing Bridges currently provides services to more than 1,500 clients, which includes children, teens, and adults, and it is working to expand its outreach into Allegheny County, solidifying its position as a regional leader in behavioral health.

A $250,000 grant awarded by the Washington County Community Foundation’s Community CARE Fund in 2021 has helped to support multiple facets of the rebranding campaign, including a new, user-friendly website set to launch today as well. The WCCF grant also supported the implementation of two new staff positions at Healing Bridges: Chief Operating Officer and Marketing and Development Specialist.

"We have been building momentum for some time, so we are thrilled to finally make our debut as Healing Bridges. A great deal of planning and consideration went into this rebrand, and we are grateful for ongoing support from our board of directors, staff members, and the Washington County Community Foundation for their roles in the development of the campaign,” said Natalie Ross, Chief Executive Officer of Healing Bridges.

“For more than 50 years, we have been committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients in the greater Washington County area. And now, we are optimistic that the name Healing Bridges will serve to generate greater awareness and understanding among those needing our services as well as those who wish to support us in our mission. It is so exciting to consider all that the future holds for our organization.”

To learn more about Healing Bridges, please browse this website.

About Healing Bridges

Healing Bridges is a recovery-oriented nonprofit that guides and connects residents of Washington County and neighboring communities to comprehensive behavioral health services. By providing children, teens and adults with the necessary guidance, tools, skills and resources needed to improve their lives, Healing Bridges acts as the connection to hope and prosperity throughout their continuous developmental journeys.

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