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Meet Jaden: A Bridge to Confidence

Jaden did not ask for the pain and suffering he endured throughout his entire childhood. But then, what 17-year-old does?

Born and raised by an abusive mother, it wasn’t long until Jaden went to live with his father, who until recently, was the one person who was truly there for him. This past August, Jaden’s rock and lifeline to stability, his father, suddenly passed away. His mother is no longer around to support him, and the sole person he has left to turn to is now his grandfather.

Jaden felt as if there were no options to get help processing his emotions from the death of his father and his non-existent relationship with his mother. He tried mental health treatment in the past, however, he was never able to feel growth or change from the experience. At some of his lowest points, he would resort to self-intoxication to numb his pain of not feeling like he belonged. With reluctance, Jaden decided to give Healing Bridges a try after being referred by a family friend.

While holding onto to deep trauma and consistently giving into impulsive behaviors, depressive episodes and mood swings, Jaden decided that it was time to open up to his Healing Bridges therapist Dylan to finally take some weight off his shoulders.

“I have told things to Dylan that I haven’t spoken to anyone else about,” Jaden said. “I formed a healthy relationship with him, and I actually feel optimistic about the direction my life is headed in for once.”
Jaden Wilson Image
Jaden feels good about himself on a day out

Once Jaden was able to push past his trauma and let go of the resentment he felt toward his mother and himself, he was able to gain his confidence back and reconnect to the world around him. He began to spend more time with family and build a network of connections to help himself thrive on his own.

“Because of the lack of guidance in my life, I always felt like I could never properly deal with my stress and emotions,” he expressed. “I am really proud of the progress I made so far, and I am happy I have found more productive ways to cope with my fears, anger and anxiety before it consumes me.”

Since attending regular therapy sessions with Dylan, Jaden has enrolled in cyber school, found a new interest in technology and video games, begun a path of sobriety, started to create music/art and has enjoyed hanging out with friends more often. He also started seeing Healing Bridges Child/Adolescent Board Certified Psychiatrist Dr. Peter Sandwell to get prescribed medications for his mental health diagnoses, which has helped alleviate a lot of Jaden’s emotional impulsive triggers.

“I have noticed a huge difference in my self-esteem and the way I deal with issues. I know that some of the tougher events from my childhood may resonate with me for a while, but I have learned to not let it hold me back anymore.”

As Jaden continues his therapeutic journey, he remains sober and curious about his new-found interests and hobbies. He has accepted the struggles he has faced with past relationships and is no longer afraid of forming emotional connections with new people who enter his life. With the help of Healing Bridges, Jaden is confident that he made the right choice of reaching out for help when he needed it the most.

Jaden's story is a real-life display of how mental health concerns left untreated can negatively impact numerous aspects of life. You can help other kids like Jaden receive quality mental health treatment, avoid the consequences of being in a dangerously poor state-of-mind and become positive and hard-working members of society by making a gift to Healing Bridges' service programs.

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