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Meet the Knight Brothers: A Bridge to Understanding

Al and Jackson
Brothers AJ and Jackson have made tremendous progress with the help of Healing Bridges.

All Jody wanted was for someone to understand. As a mother of two autistic children with hearing impairments, she needed help finding the right opportunities for them. The boys were often misunderstood, and they struggled to make friends. Outbursts of aggression and anxiety were not unusual. Things became even more difficult when Jody’s husband suffered a severe injury and ultimately lost his job.

Jody was fighting an uphill battle, and it seemed like there was no relief in sight. But just as she was ready to lose all hope, Jody found exactly what she needed at Healing Bridges.

With years of experience in working with individuals with intellectual disabilities, Healing Bridges team member Kelsee knew just how to connect with AJ and Jackson. As the family’s Supports Coordinator, Kelsee offered the understanding that Jody so desperately needed, as well as guidance to help the family develop a plan to move forward. In addition to providing vital emotional support, Kelsee also helped to coordinate financial, social, educational, and employment services for the family. They continue to meet regularly out in the community.

“Life was chaotic before we found Kelsee,” Jody remarked. “. . . she truly understands the needs of my kids like no one ever has. We absolutely love her.”
Al and Kelsee
AJ is all-smiles when he is spending time with Healing Bridges Supports Coordinator Kelsee.

By working with Kelsee, AJ and Jackson have discovered how to share their gifts with the world in healthy and stimulating ways. Not only have both boys learned to manage their social anxiety, but they also have become more outgoing. Through their involvement with the Special Olympics of Pennsylvania, AJ and Jackson continue to prove to themselves, and the world, that anything is possible.

Moved by her sons’ experiences and the good work of the organization, Jody now serves as the Program Manager for the Washington County Special Olympics, helping to provide meaningful inclusion opportunities for many families like her own.

“AJ and Jackson have gone through some tough experiences over the last year,” Kelsee said. “Seeing them work together as a family to overcome obstacles is so inspiring. . .”

Like all champions, Jody and her sons have learned how to persevere, and Healing Bridges helped to make it possible.

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