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Meet Dee: A Bridge to Resilience

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Healing Bridges therapist Jo displays a fidget toy she regularly uses for her in-person therapy sessions.

Dee was on the verge of a mental breakdown last spring in 2023. After bursting into tears mid-way through a first-year college class, she realized her mental state was seriously taking a toll on her freshman experience and help was needed before she hit her tipping point and school would be the least of her worries.

“When I first started therapy, I wanted to take charge of myself and gain tools that will help me make positive decisions in situations that are in my control,” Dee exclaimed. “I can’t always control when something bad will happen or when I am feeling emotional, but therapy has given me a foundation of support to where I no longer feel helpless.” Dee continues…

“Processing my feelings with my therapist Jo helps me practice letting my guard down and being open to change. I am excited that I am feeling better and more liberated with each conversation I have, but taking accountability for my actions is a tough pill to swallow sometimes. I may not have a perfect mindset, but perfection is an ideal that doesn’t really exist. I feel like I am becoming healthier as I move forward in therapy, and it has given me a different perspective on how I view myself and others.

Now that I have been seeing better results mentally, I have been focusing on doing well in my classes and showing up to work regularly. My relationship with my boyfriend and other friends have improved, and I am doing my best with finding a healthy balance to manage it all.”

Dee is working toward a degree to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a biology teacher to kids one day. Since using therapy as a means to grab her life by the reins, Dee has successfully made progress in building her self-esteem and lowering her stress levels so she is able to conquer her first year of college with assurance. In Dee’s next phase of therapy, she wants to practice exercises to help identify where her negative thoughts stem from and continue to overcome past guilt and impending obstacles that may be in her path while on the road to being a positive role model for herself and future generations to come

“Your first step does not need to look like your last. Keep pushing… no matter how small the step forward or how big the setback. Resilience is key, and progress is what truly matters.” – Jo, Healing Bridges therapist

Dee’s personal experience with anxiety and depression is a true depiction of how poor mental health can impede on your relationships with others, affect the way you view and treat yourself and hold you back from accomplishing life goals. Therapy creates habits that ensure you are making conscious choices to thrive physically and mentally.

Supporting people in their mental health journeys can lead to happier and more fulfilling lives. You can allow individuals like Dee build resilience and cope with life's challenges by donating to Healing Bridges and allowing our programs expand and become more accessible for others.

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