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Telehealth Therapy

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How telehealth therapy works

Telehealth therapy, also known as virtual or online therapy, uses electronic technology to deliver mental healthcare to patients in a different location than the provider. Healing Bridges uses a live and secure video conferencing platform to interact with clients and provide treatment for those who wish to avoid in-person counseling sessions. Any individual who has access to iOS and Android operating systems will be able to participate in telehealth therapy.

Why choose telehealth therapy with us?

Telehealth therapy is a good fit for individuals who have difficulty accessing care due to location, health or transportation issues. Healing Bridges understands that therapy is a difficult and complex process that can put people out of their comfort zones, therefore, we aim to make our counseling services as easy and accessible as possible. Our telehealth option allows clients to receive treatment conveniently, without leaving the privacy and comfortability of their home.

Who is eligible for telehealth therapy?

Telehealth therapy is available to clients who have completed their intake process and are accepted into Healing Bridges. Once a treatment plan is decided, the therapist and client will determine if telehealth would be a good fit moving forward. Online therapy is available to those located within 45 miles of our site location so individuals outside Washington County may receive telehealth services as well.

How to get started

Please call 724-225-6940 or find us on for an initial screening process to schedule an intake appointment.

Healing Bridges now uses as its new telemedicine platform for all virtual appointments. Telehealth appointments will be offered when deemed clinically appropriate by your primary therapist or clinician. If you have a scheduled telehealth appointment with your therapist or clinician, please click on your personalized room link to join them for a video call at your agreed upon session time. Your link should look something like this:

For more information or questions, contact:

James M. Ponce, M.Ed., LPC, NCC, C-CTP, C-DBT

Outpatient Clinical Director
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