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Psychiatric Treatment Plan

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What is a psychiatric evaluation?

A psychiatric evaluation is a diagnostic tool that assesses a person’s thought processes and behaviors. A comprehensive psychiatric evaluation is needed to diagnose emotional, behavioral or developmental disorders. Once the evaluation is complete, medication assessment checks will be scheduled by appointment moving forward as per your doctor's request. During a Healing Bridges psychiatric evaluation, we aim to:

  • Include the patient while making decisions about an initial treatment plan
  • Identify short-term and long-term treatment goals
  • Make changes and adjustments if need be throughout the treatment process
  • Confirm diagnosis of a mental disorder that requires prescribed medication(s)

What to expect

Even though each evaluation will vary since each person’s symptoms and behaviors are different, there are underlying commonalities within all assessments such as:

  • Suicide and violence risk assessments
  • Authorization and consent forms
  • Psychiatric interview and survey

How to prepare

A mental health assessment could cause you a variety of emotions. Depending on the reasons for a psychiatric evaluation, you may feel resentful, hostile, afraid or anxious. These are all common reactions to someone evaluating how you think and feel.

However, Healing Bridges wants you to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible during your appointment. Please remember to keep an open mind and try to answer all questions as honestly as possible. We encourage clients to take a friend or family member to the appointment for extra support.

Some things to think about before an evaluation include:

  • Description of behaviors and symptoms
  • Effects of behaviors and symptoms related to work, school, relationships, family, etc.
  • Personal and family history of mental illnesses
  • Medical history and description of current health conditions.
  • Lab tests to determine if or any underlying medical conditions are present
  • Lists, notes or questions of anything you want to ask the clinical evaluator or psychiatrist

Dr Lobo Headshot Updated 2 29 24
Dr. Ronald Lobo, Medical Director and Lead Clinical Psychologist
Maddie Lepore Headshot 2 22 24
Madeleine Lepore, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
Sandwell Headshot 2 22 24
Dr. Peter Sandwell, Child Psychiatrist

Robin Gillispie Headshot Updated 2 29 24
Robin Gillispie, Licensed Practical Nurse

How to get started

Please call 724-225-6940 or find us on to schedule a face-to-face psychiatric evaluation with one of our doctors. A member of our assessment team will evaluate the nature of your problems, understand your clinical history and work with you to figure out the best possible next steps.

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