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Meet Brittany: A Bridge to Acceptance

Brittany pappy and sister gowns 3
Brittany (right) and her sister (left) celebrate a graduation with their grandfather.

As Brittany coped with the death her grandfather, an extremely important person in her life who she knew as ‘pappy,’ and the severe health concerns of her uncle, who is on dialysis for Stage 4 kidney failure, she started to fall into a deeply depressed and anxiety ridden mind state. Brittany was convinced that everyone that she cared for in life would ultimately leave her, and she would find no end to her grief and suffering.

After being referred to Healing Bridges by a previous psychiatric care unit and moving back in with her mother, Brittany knew it was time to take a leap of faith and open-up about her trauma that emotionally held her back. With the support from her therapist Kelley and her nurse practitioner Maddie, Brittany would find the peace of mind and healing she was looking for.

“I never knew how much talking through my anxiety and depression could help me feel better,” Brittany exclaimed. “I love having the option of telehealth because I have a low immune system and want to avoid getting sick as much as possible.”
Brittany Special Olympics friends
Brittany and her friends from Special Olympics share an embrace.

When Brittany first started her therapeutic and medication management journey, she was afraid to share her feelings due to past experiences with men that caused her to develop trust issues. But with the help of Healing Bridges, she was able to find a therapist and doctor who make her feel comfortable, happy and heard. She is finally on track to receiving the proper medication that will work best for her.

Brittany and Evie
Brittany and her niece Evie take a loving photo together

After working with Kelley and in other local peer mentorship and supports coordination programs, Brittany has discovered how to become an active member in her community. She has since joined the Washington/Greene County Special Olympics and has participated in bowling, basketball, soccer, bocce and powerlifting events and competitions. In addition to the Special Olympics, Brittany joined a bowling league where she bowls and hangs out with friends on Monday and Thursday nights.

Even with sports keeping her active, Brittany stated that family will always be a top priority to her. She enjoys spending time with her sister, nieces and long-time girlfriend because she knows they will always be there for her no matter what.

“I hope I inspire my niece Evie one day to never give up,” said Brittany. “She is starting to show signs of autism, and I want her to feel supported and cared for.”

Brittany is grateful she learned how to push through her good and bad days, and Healing Bridges motivated her to hold on to the things that made her happy in life.

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